Demi Muses-Nationals This Summer

Hi! My name is Demi Muses and I am a freshman at UNH! This summer I was apart of Gold Cal Volleyball Club and we qualified for nationals this summer in Dallas, Texas! It was so hot! My team and I competed for the gold medal at the open level. We played a hard team from Texas and ended winning silver medal, but I was fortunate enough to be named to the All-Tournament team. It was a wonderful opportunity and experience that I will never forget!


expanding on my quote

Everyone goes through changes in their life.  Some are more pleasing than others but with every event comes a lesson to be taught and learned.  If you don’t learn from the mistakes you have made, you will continue to make them. 

Moral of the story. . if you mess up, own up to it, learn from it, and grow.

ps- third times a charm:) -Kym

Cassidy Croci-UNH Volleyball

This summer I got to experience Fleetwood Mac in Detroit! Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie are my favorite musicians. For being in their 60s they can still shred on the guitar and sing their hearts out. My favorite performances from the concert were Tusk, Silver Springs, and Don’t Stop. The energy that they exude from the stage is palpable and they whole crowd sings along with them as they are not just a band, but old friends to your ears. I have listened to their albums from start to finish as pump up music before games, but there is nothing as surreal as seeing your idol on the stage before you. I was glad t to experience my favorite band with my father so we could bond and learn to understand each other more through such wonderful music.

Hey my name is Destiny Tolliver and I am a senior from Rochester, MI. Well, about 4ish years ago I drove out to UNH knowing nothing about the school except that the volleyball program was excellent and there was a horse farm on campus and I absolutely fell in love!! Long story short I grew up on a horse farm and have had a horses ever since I could walk. So I would like to introduce you to my horse/best friend Richard. He is 8 years old and acts about three. There is never a dull moment in Richys life! When he was a young tyke he was a race horse. This career did not last long because he refused to get into the starting gates. So he went into retirement at a long time friends house in Michigan. I came home for the summer after my freshmen year and him and I became best friends. So that fall he made the trip out here to NH and has been here even since. I go to see him at least 4 times a week and let me tell you he is one spoiled horse!  

Hi my name is Morgan Thatcher. I am a senior from Brockton, MA. I had a great summer moving into my apartment, working out with Ciani (our team trainer) and working. The highlight of my summer was going to see my favorite singer Beyonce in concert. I went with my little brother CJ and we had such a good time. We got to see her perform all her originals but also some of her new songs. Thats where I heard my new FAVORITE SONG “Grown Woman.” She is an amazing entertainer and her show was a blast !!!!

Hi, I’m Delaney, a middle blocker from Atlanta! This summer I started showing my dad pictures of cute puppies and dogs and inquiring that he should get himself a dog. Only a couple days after my pestering had begun, I woke up to my dad calling me to come downstairs. As i got to the bottom of the steps I saw a full grown, 95 pound english bulldog wagging his tail and smiling up at me with so much excitement. I just about died. Although Duke lacked any sort of formal training and manners, he has more personality than any dog I’ve ever met. My dad and I spent the whole summer training him, playing with him, and hiding our shoes from him. He averaged eating about 1 large bone a day! He is so much fun and I already miss him. I can’t wait to go home and see my slobbery giant bulldog!!

Working as an EMT

During the Spring Semester of my freshman year I decided to take a class offered by the University to become a certified EMT basic. At the end of the semester you are required to pass a written and practical exam to be certified. Luckily, I passed both and was able to join the volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) on campus. They are responsible for responding to the entire University and surrounding towns. During the spring semester of my sophomore year I became a “Probationary” member at the station and worked shifts with the other members responding to calls. To become an “Attendant” (a real member of the station) I had to do certain things over the course of my training: pass my ambulance driving test, learn the inside of the ambulance like the back of my hand, memorize the geography of the area, perform radio operations, and learn other station protocols. All of this was to prepare me for promotion to the Attendant position, which I was able to do this past June. I so excited to work this upcoming semester on campus! Hopefully I don’t see you when I’m on duty ;) 

Abby Brinkman- UNH Volleyball

Have you ever questioned how those fresh fruits and vegetables arrived in the produce section of your local grocery store? Our very existence relies on the hard working, committed people who work all hours of the day. In my opinion, farmers are the best example of an unrecognized hero.

 My name is Abby Brinkman and I am sophomore outside hitter from Brecksville, Ohio. I spent my summer working at a local farmers market called Szalays near my home in Ohio. Working at Szalay’s Farm really opened my eyes to the amount of work involved in maintaining a successful farmers market.

 Szalay’s farm is a family owned organization but their success is completely dependent upon their team. Although my role was minimal compared to the owners, it was extremely important for me to pay attention to detail.

 My jobs consisted of: calling in orders, sorting and stocking fruits/ vegetables, running the cash register and assisting with all other preparation involved. I always had to make sure fruits and vegetables were fresh so they didn’t spoil other produce and that I had all prices memorized even when they were constantly fluctuating.

 I was one of many employees, but my role was important. Mistakes add up and it was important for every member of our “team” to do their part so that the business was successful!

 Now when I shop in the produce department, I take nothing for granted. I have a much better understanding of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes!


Two generations of the Szalay Family!

Maggie Kenney- UNH volleyball

HI everyone! I’m Maggie Kenney, a red-shirt freshman from Merrimack, New Hampshire and I am duel majoring in German and Linguistics.This summer I had the privilege to go and visit one of my good friends and teammate Taylor Dunklau in Mukwanago, Wisconsin. I had never been to the mid-west before, and it was a huge culture shock! I stayed with Taylor, her parents, and her five siblings for a week and i was given the true mid-west experience! We went to the local beach, Milwaukee, and Mr. Dunklau’s farm. While at her dad’s house Taylor’s father let us shoot a glock 40 hand gun (Taylor’s personal FBI training gun.) I had never shot a gun before, nor did I have any intentions to ever do so, but it was a thrill!

Taylor and I also took a weekend trip down to Chicago, Ill with her mom’s U12 Milwaukee Sting club team for their end of the season tournament! The competition was great to watch and afterwards we visited Navy Pier. While I was in Wisconsin Taylor had me try all of the local food including bratwursts, cheese curds, frozen custard, and America’s best apple pie. Most of which sound fairly unappetizing, but are shockingly delicious. Needless to say I had an incredible experience filled with good people, great food, and fun adventures!